Ghost Hunting and Whiteladies Priory

Last year I went on a 'San Diego Ghost Hunt' to an old cemetary and ruins of an old fort.   We didn't see any floating balls of mist, no ghostly pictures, but we all had digital cameras.  We were told to take pictures, and more than one from any place we felt like it, and then look at them at home on our computers.   At the time it seemed very quiet and a bit disappointing, with the major part of the effort being devoted to not tripping over things in the dark!

But then I got home and looked at the pictures on the camera, and it really did make the hairs on my arms stand up.  There would be the picture, in color of the neat modern cememtary lawn with the trees in the background, part of the walkway, and then, clear as you could ever wish to see these 'misty' obvious 'skull' shapes floating over the grass or in the black areas!   One picture had as many as 6 of them all floating around.  You can tell it's  not dust particles, light refractions or other things, and I certainly didn't see them when I was standing there that night. 

So if you have an old cemetary at hand and a digital camera - try it for yourself.  Just remember you won't see them in the little preview picture screen, it takes the large screen of your computer for the images to show up.  Of course I couldn't give King Charles a digital camera, but there are various accounts on the internet of people out ghost hunting at Whiteladies who report hearing the chanting - that suddenly stops when they try to look into the chapel where it seems to be coming from, so I incorporated that into my WIP.

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